One month in, I'm still alive!

So one month here is over now and I haven't updated my blog. Whoops! Sorry about that, but you wouldn't believe how busy I am here. School every day, a shit ton of homework, filming for the filmmaker students, spending time with my new friends, I don't even have time to skype my family! But enough about that for now, you probably want to know what happened after I met my roommate (I hope I remember the details).

The Struggle Of Moving In

After waking up and having a great breakfast, Sofia and me are on our way to our new apartment. We're excited and I'm nervous since I've never even seen it before. First we unload our baggage and some furniture, then we visit the apartment complex office to register and get the keys. Simple task, right? Nope. Approximately two hours later, we're back at the apartment with no keys and no place to put our furniture because the staff got Sofia's email completely wrong and she never received the information about how we have to pay the deposit and take care of the water, elictricity and gas contracts before we could get the keys. Luckily Sofia is still living in her other apartment, where I can crash for the night. The next day we take care of the contracts and somehow get the money for the deposit together (which was also a complicated task but I'm not getting into that right now). As soon as we have the keys, we head out to IKEA to buy beds and other necessities. We spend quite a bit of money but come home succesfully. Sofia goes back to her apartment cause she has school the next day, while I built the beds for myself and my future roommate Martta who arrives the next day.

Meeting My Second Roommate

It's wednesday now and I'm nervous and excited all day. My roommate and maybe even classmate arrives today. All I know is her name and where she's from. Martta from Finland. When Sofia comes to build her bed I'm already up at the window looking for when the cab arrives. Sadly it takes almost two hours, but eventually she arrives at the entrance. Our meeting is kind of awkward and I'm a little dissapointed when I realize her humour might be a bit different from mine (turns out the jetlag ate her humour though, our humour is actually really similar). The coming orientation week is really productive and informative. I meet a few of the students I'm going to spend the next three years with and already find some friends. When the second weekend comes up I'm super nervous cause soon our classes and sections will be revealed. Martta and me have already become friends and are crossing our fingers that we'll be in the same class. As fate has it, we do end up in the same class and are destined to spend the next three years together almost 24/7.

To Conclude... (Watch My Teacher Punch A Baby Deer)

And now I'm getting to the boring part, the part where my normal day to day life begins and my free time ends. It's been four weeks since school started and so far I love it. There are a few lessons that I don't enjoy as much as others but I feel like I've learned so incredibly much and feel like I've grown very much as an actor. (Ugh throwing up right now, it sounds so pretentious... but it's true I'm sorry.) My favorite thing here is not the location because believe it or not we've only been to the Walk Of Fame so far.. (I know super boring but as I said time is a rarity here), it's the people. I have met so many lovely people, made so many new friends and I'm having so much fun at school every day, I'm sometimes overwhelmed by it. I'm so grateful for all the people I know and am friends with, you don't even know what you're doing for me. I'm so happy here, I honestly think I've never been happier, more productive, more open or more disciplined in my life. I feel like I made the best decision I have ever made and I'm so happy for how everything worked or didn't work out. And now to make you even more jealous enjoy these pictures of awesome places and people! :)

By the Walk Of Fame
The bridge I cross every day on the way to school omg so exciting
The Universal Studios Backlot where we filmed twice now are you jealous yet

The beautiful, magical, color-changing lights in one of my new friends apartment <3
Gorgeous people (sorry for posting this but I love y'all so it's your fault) whoops <3

Btw the title for this section is thanks to my super cool English Composition teacher who said if we ever use to conclude in an essay, he's going to run into the forest and punch a baby deer in the face... so.

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  1. Endlich ein neuer Blog Eintrag. Yay!
    Es freut mich so sehr das es dir in L.A. so gut geht und das dir alles so gut gefällt.
    Du hast es verdient. Weiter so. ♥
    LG xx